Hearing Aid Compatibility

Hearing Aid Compliance

ANSI C63.19 Rating System for Hearing Aid Compatible Wireless Handsets

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standard C63.19 sets two standardized ratings for digital handsets. An 'M' and 'T' rating are used to determine the value of likely interference or immunity of a wireless device in compatibility to a hearing device based on a level of numerical value from 1 to 4.

To be considered hearing aid-compatible, a digital wireless handset for acoustic coupling must meet a requirement of 'M3' under the ANSI standard and 'T3' for inductive coupling. "M" refers to the RF emissions level of the handset device, and means the device is intended for use with hearing aids in microphone mode. The higher the "M" rating number on the device, the more likely the device can be used with a hearing aid on the microphone setting. "T" refers to the device's telecoil coupling ability, and means the device is intended for use with hearing aids in telecoil mode. The higher the "T" rating number on the device, the more likely the device can be used with a hearing aid on the telecoil setting. A telecoil is a small device that is built into some hearing aids for use with the telephone as well as assistive listening devices. To use the telecoil, generally either the hearing aid is switched to the "T" position or a button on the hearing aid is pushed to select the telecoil program. Some newer hearing aids will automatically switch to telecoil mode when using a phone. The telecoil picks up magnetic fields generated by telephones and converts these fields into sound. Telecoils are particularly useful for telephone communication because they permit the volume control of a hearing aid to be turned up without creating feedback or "whistling," and background noise can be reduced especially when using cell phones in noisy places. A hearing health professional can determine whether a hearing aid contains a telecoil and how it is activated.

Levels of Functionality

PDAs (smartphones) generally have advanced features such as expandable memory, enhanced camera, Bluetooth, video, Internet access, touch screen UI, faster processing, email, full QWERTY keypads, and in many cases Windows Office Mobile, to meet the demands of mobile business professionals and consumers.

High Tier Phones have features for demanding users, including Bluetooth, Internet access capability, increased RAM storage or expandable memory, high-resolution color display, enhanced camera/video capability, and music/MP3 player functionality. They typically feature a modern, sleek design, often are slider form factor.

Mid-Tier Phones may have a camera, Bluetooth, or Internet access capability, but are less likely to offer video/music/media player capability. Design is typically less stylish, tends to be clamshell or flip form factor.

Low Tier Phones offer basic wireless telephone features, may not have a camera, Bluetooth, or Internet access capability, and generally lack such features MP3 players and expandable memory. Typically utilitarian design suitable for customers using voice/text only, tends to be flip or bar form factor.

Budget Mobile Lifeline currently offers the following hearing aid-compatible handsets/phones. All these handsets are rated at M3, T3 or better. Although prices for the handsets may vary, all these handsets offer the same level of functionality by providing each end user with access to voice and text services.

Model FCC ID Frequency HAC Air Interface
PDAs (Smartphones)        
A855 Droid IHDP56KC1 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
BLACKBERRY 7130e L6ARAV20CW 800/1800/1900 M3T3 CDMA
BLACKBERRY 7250 L6ARAV20CN 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
BLACKBERRY 8130 PEARL L6ARBS20CW 800/1800/1900 M3T3 CDMA
BLACKBERRY 8330 L6ARBU20CW 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
BLACKBERRY 8330 CURVE L6ARBU20CW 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
Blackberry 8530 L6ARCZ30CW 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
BLACKBERRY 8703E L6ARBF20CW 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
BLACKBERRY 8830 L6ARBK40CG 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
Blackberry 9330 L6ARCL20CW 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
LG VS740 BEJVS740 800/1800/1900 M4T3 CDMA
MOTOROLA A555 IHDP56KW1 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA A854 IHDP56KC1 800/1800/1900 M3T3 CDMA
MOTOROLA A855 IHDP56KC5 800/1800/1900/2400 NOT RATED CDMA
MOTOROLA A955 IHDP56KC1 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
PALM CENTRO 690 O8F-747 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
PALM PRE PLUS P101 O8F-ROAE 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
PALM TREO 700 O8F93001 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
PALM TREO 700P O8F93001 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
PALM TREO 700w O8FJIMI 800/1800/1900/2400 NOT RATED CDMA
Samsung  U380 A3LSCHU380 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
SAMSUNG A870 SIREN A3LSCHA870 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
UT STARCOM CDM7025 O6Y-CDM7025SP 800/1800/1900 M3 CDMA
UT STARCOM CDM7126 O6Y-CDM7126 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
Mid Tier Phones        
CASIO GZONE TYKNX9210 800/1800/1900 M4 CDMA
KYOCERA S1310 OVF-K33BIC06 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
KYOCERA S230 OVF-K5301 1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
LG - VX10000 BEJVX10000 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
LG - VX8500 BEJVX8500 800/1800/1900/2400 NOT RATED CDMA
LG LX260 BEJLX260 850/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
LG UN200 BEJUN200 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
LG UX260 BEJLX260 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
LG UX265 BEJAX265 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T4 CDMA
LG UX280 BEJLX280 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
LG UX310 BEJUX310 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
LG UX5000 BEJAX5000 800/1800/1900 M3 CDMA
LG VN150 BEJVN150 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
LG VN250 BEJVN250 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T4 CDMA
LG VN251 BEJVN251 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA
LG VN270 BEJVN270 800/1800/1900 M4T3 CDMA
LG VN530 BEJVN530 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
LG VS750 BEJVS750 800/1800/1900/2400 NOT RATED CDMA
LG VX11000 BEJVX11000 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
LG VX5500 BEJVX5500 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
LG VX8100 BEJVX8100 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
LG VX9700 BEJVX9700 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
LG8550               BEJVX8550 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
LG8575               BEJVX8575 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
LG8800               BEJVX8800 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
LG9100               BEJVX9100 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
LG9200               BEJVX9200 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
LG9600               BEJVX9600 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T4 CDMA
LGVX6000 BEJVX6000 800/1800/1900 NOT RATED CDMA
MOTOROLA A455 IHDT56KG1 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
MOTOROLA C290 IHDT56FX1 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
MOTOROLA L7C IHDT56GQ1 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA Q  IHDT56FQ1 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
MOTOROLA Q9M IHDT56HS1 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
MOTOROLA V325i IHDT56GS1 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA V3S IHDT56JE1 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA V860 IHDT56KR1 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA
MOTOROLA VE240 IHDP56JS1 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
MOTOROLA VE440 IHDT56KY1 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
MOTOROLA VE465 IHDP56JM1 800/1800/1900/2400 M4/T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA VU30 IHDT56JH1 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA W385 IHDT56HC1 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA W755 IHDT56JB1 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA W766 IHDP56KA1 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA W845 IHDT56KS1 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA
MOTOROLA Z6C IHDP56HG1 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
MOTOROLA ZN4 IHDT56JZ1 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
NIU LIV10 A4JLIV10 800/1800/1900/2400 NOT RATED GSM
NOKIA 6205 QMNRM-347 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
NOKIA 7205 QMNRM-383 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T4 CDMA
NOKIA 7705 QMNRM-526 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
PALM P101 08F-CASC 800/1800/1900 M4 CDMA
PALM TREO650 O8FMADECA 800/1800/1900/2400 NOT RATED CDMA
PANTECH CDM8975 PP4RAP 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
PANTECH TXT8030 PP4PIVOT 800/1800/1900/2400 M4/T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG  U450 A3LSCHU450 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
SAMSUNG  U460 A3LSCHU460 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
Samsung i110 A3LSCHI110 800/1800/1900/2400/5100/5200/5300/5500/5700/5800 M4 CDMA
SAMSUNG M300 A3LSPHM300 800/850/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG M320 A3LSPHM320 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG M330 A3LSPHM330 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG M350 A3LSPHM350 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
SAMSUNG M500 A3LSPHM500 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG M520 A3LSPHM520 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
SAMSUNG M540 A3LSPHM540 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG M560 A3LSPHM560 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG M570 A3LSPHM570 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA
SAMSUNG M580 Replenish A3LSPHM580 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA
SAMSUNG N330 A3LSCHN330 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA
SAMSUNG R250 A3LSCHR250 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG R261 A3LSCHR261 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG R470 A3LSCHR470 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
SAMSUNG R580 A3LSCHR580 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA
SAMSUNG R630 A3LSCHR630 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA
SAMSUNG U540 A3LSCHU540 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG U740 A3LSCHU710 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
UT STARCOM TXT8010 BLITZ PP4ELVIS 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
Low Tier Phones        
AUDIOVOX 8910 PP4TX-110C 800/1800/1900 NOT RATED CDMA
CASIO C211 TYKNX9210 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
CASIO C511 TYKNX9200 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
CASIO C751 TYKNX9300 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
HUAWEI M228 QISM228 800/1700/1800/1900 M4 CDMA
HUAWEI M750 QISM750 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
LG - VX3300 BEJVX3300 800/1800/1900 M3 CDMA
LG - VX4700 BEJVX4700 800/1800/1900 M3 CDMA
LG - VX5300 BEJVX5300 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
LG100 BEJLG100C 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
motorola - v266 IHDT56ET1 800/1800/1900 M3 CDMA
MOTOROLA - V276 IHDT56ET1 800/1800/1900 M3 CDMA
Motorola - V710 IHDT56EC1 800/1800/1900 M3 CDMA
MOTOROLA E815 IHDT56EL1 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA K1M IHDT56GH1 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
MOTOROLA Q9C IHDT56HS1 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
MOTOROLA V3 IHDT56EU2 800/1800/1900 M3 CDMA
MOTOROLA V325 IHDT56FA1 800/1800/1900 M3 CDMA
MOTOROLA V3A IHDT56HD1 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 T3 CDMA
MOTOROLA V750 IHDT56JJ1 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
MOTOROLA W315 IHDT56GE1 800/1800/1900 M3 CDMA
PANTECH W8990 PP4ZEPHYR 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
Samsung  U340 A3LSCHU340 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
Samsung  U350 A3LSCHU350 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
Samsung  U410 A3LSCHU410 800/1800/1900/2400 M3T3 CDMA
Samsung  U430 A3LSCHU430 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG  U470 A3LSCHU470 800/1800/1900/2400 M3 CDMA
Samsung  U490 A3LSCHU490 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA
Samsung A530 A3LSCHR530 700/800/1700/1800/1900/5000 M4T4 CDMA
Samsung A850 A3LSCHR850 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
SAMSUNG A950 A3LSCHA950 800/1800/1900/2400 NOT RATED CDMA
SAMSUNG R300 A3LSCHR300 800/1800/1900 M4 CDMA
Samsung R310 A3LSCHR310 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
Samsung R311 A3LSCHR311 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
Samsung R350 A3LSCHR350 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
Samsung R410 A3LSCHR410 800/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
Samsung R450 A3LSCHR450 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
Samsung R460 A3LSCHR460 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4 CDMA
Samsung R560 A3LSCHR560 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA
SAMSUNG U310 A3LSCHU310 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
Samsung U320 A3LSCHU320 800/1800/1900 M4T4 CDMA
Samsung U360 A3LSCHU360 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
Samsung U365 A3LSCHU365 800/1800/1900/2400 M4T4 CDMA
ZTE C70 Q78-ZTEC70 800/1700/1800/1900/2400 M4T3 CDMA