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Lifeline Phone Program offers free cell phone, free minutes, free texts

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Budget Mobile helps out low income individuals by offering free LifeLine cell phones that include free cell phone service. In an effort to help those who have a hard time paying their monthly cell phone bills, a free government cell phone and free cell phone service from Budget Mobile is the perfect solution.

This program is intended to provide financial relief to low income individuals who are having trouble paying their monthly bills. By participating in the free government phones program through Budget Mobile with free cell phone service, eligible recipients will be able to make calls, send texts, and use wireless data without the worry of having their service getting cut off. There is no cost and there are no contracts.

Whether you’re calling to make a doctors appointment, conducting an interview over the phone with a potential employer, or texting your niece to babysit your kids while you run an errand, this free cell phone service from Budget Mobile will be there for you every step of the way.

LifeLine Cell Phones with Free Cell Phone Service

Free Cell Phone Service Includes
  • Free Cell Phone
  • Free Voice Calls
  • Free Text Messages
  • Free Mobile Data (available in some states)

LifeLine Cell Phone Eligibility
  • Only 1 person per household is eligible for a LifeLine Cell Phone Plan
  • Person’s using LifeLine Cell Phone Plans must re-register every year to remain eligible.

How to Apply
To apply for a free LifeLine cell phone with free cell phone through Budget Mobile, Click Here

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