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Budget Mobile offers reliable nationwide cell phone service coverage on one of the largest networks in the United States. Sign up today to take advantage of our dependable wireless network and receive great coverage, fewer dropped calls and clear connections.

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Coverage Map

Budget Mobile Coverage Map
Important Map Information
This map is not a guarantee of coverage and contains areas with no service, and is a general prediction of where rates and coverage apply. The coverage information contained in this document was compiled from reliable sources; however the data may be subject to errors and omissions. The information is based on assumptions and predictions that are not binding and may change from time to time without notice. Wireless service is subject to network and transmission limitations, including cell site unreliability, particularly near boundaries and in remote areas. End user's equipment, weather, topography, and other environmental considerations also affect service and service may vary significantly within buildings. With "all-digital" devices the End User can only make and receive calls when digital service is available. When digital service is not available, the device will not operate or be able to make 911 calls

Where We Operate

Alaska Alaska Alaska Alaska Alaska Alaska Alaska Alaska Alaska Alaska Alabama Arkansas Arizona California California California California California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Florida Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Kansas Florida Georgia Iowa Idaho Illinois Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Maryland Maryland Maine Maine Maine Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi Montana North Carolina North Carolina North Dakota Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico Nevada New York Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Texas Utah Virginia Vermont Washington Washington Wisconsin West Virginia Wyoming Puerto Rico
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Arizona  |  Arkansas  |  California  |  Colorado  |  Georgia  |  Hawaii  |  Idaho  |  Indiana  |  Iowa  |  Kansas  |  Kentucky  |  Louisiana  |  Maine  |  Maryland  |  Massachusetts  |  Michigan  |  Minnesota  |  Missouri  |  Nevada  |  North Dakota  |  Ohio  |  Oklahoma  |  Pennsylvania  |  Puerto Rico  |  Rhode Island  |  South Carolina  |  South Dakota  |  Texas  |  Utah  |  Washington  |  West Virginia  |  Wisconsin  |  Wyoming

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