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LifeLine Phone Program offers free cell phone, free minutes, free texts

Budget Mobile LifeLine Info

Budget Mobile LifeLine Phones are a great option for people that can’t afford a cell phone or are having a hard time paying for their current cell phone bills. The LifeLine program is a government-assisted program that is designed to provide financial relief to those in need. 

Today, cell phones have become a part of everyday life. They are used to conduct job interviews, staying in touch with family members, and are used in the case of an emergency such as your car breaking down or having to call an ambulance.

The Budget Mobile LifeLine plan is a government-assisted program designed to help people who cannot afford a phone or the service plan that goes along with it.   Through Budget Mobile, LifeLine plans provide a free phone, free calls, and free text messages to those that qualify for the program.

To qualify for a free government cell phone through Budget Mobile, you should be receiving financial assistance from another federal or state financial assistance program such as Medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance, or other programs designated by your state officials.

If you would like to learn more about how you can qualify for a free government cell phone and service through Budget Mobile, please visit our support page or get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter


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